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About Jasuto modular synthesizer


- Reviewed in Computer Melody magazine and received a 9/10!
- Listed as 1 of Melody Radar’s best Android device melody making apps!


Jasuto is the world’s 1st (and most powerful) modular synthesizer for the Android device platform and optimized to run on Android device phones and tablets.

Jasuto allows you to visually construct your own synths/effects, and use them to create sequences all on your device! With the addition of a fully-featured sampler you can now record/resample/edit, and even make entirely fresh samples by drawing right in the app.

Jasuto uses the relative position of nodes and their connections to control the sound. So the stage not only represents the synthesis structure, but also a custom multi-touch control surface. Motion can be recorded per node giving you rich, flexible automation.

Connections can be made automatically by simply dragging nodes around, or manually. Every wire can be double-tapped to let even more control of every connection.

Jasuto comes installed with 75+ modules as well as 200+ pre-loaded scenes and samples. Every of the modules have been hand-optimized for your device's CPU, allowing you to make extremely complex scenes.


- Anti-aliased oscillators with hard-sync, FM, PWM, PM
- Analog style filters (ap, lp, hp, bp, ladder emulation)
- Signal control (compressor, limiter, gate, follower)
- Zoomable sampler editor with several loop modes (normal, One shot, ping, granular)
- ADSR envelope editor
- Multipage/octave sequencer
- Tape style analog delay
- Reverb, phaser, several waveshapers
- Resample/record the current playback
- Audio copy via the pasteboard
- Incoming OSC for notes and CC's


- Updated UI graphics
- Zillions of bugs squashed
- A shiny fresh manual
- Added background audio help
- Low latency audio (256 samples)
- Sample sharing through SoundCloud
- Dropbox syncing of samples/scenes
- Fresh ADSR2, AP, Brick, EXP, Mix, Power, ZeroX, Tanh, Gain Node Modules
- High Fidelity (HI-FI) audio
- Extra Node Modules: Chorus, Detuned, Dirty, Morph and Area
- MIDI-In & Out help with tempo sync
- Nodes can now be grouped together
- Solo nodes and groups
- Fresh Convolution Module
- Fresh nodes: Abs, Clamp, Delay2, Pan, Group/GRecv/Gsend, MidiNote, MidiCC & Synced
- Sampler node is now in stereo & has higher quality interpolation
- Bands can now edit individual bins while frozen
- Fixed insert bug
- Extra bugs and behind the stage fixes
- Delay nodes are tempo syncable
- LFO is triggerable, syncable & now has Four shapes
- Fresh Scenes and Samples added

We've only been testing version 1.6 on modern Android device devices (Arm7 based with or without NEON). If you have an problem with a device, please post in our forum.





New Features: - Updated UI graphics <br>- Zillions of bugs squashed <br>- A shiny new manual <br>- Added background audio support <br>- Low latency audio (256 samples) <br>- High Fidelity audio<br>- MIDI-In &amp; Out support with tempo sync <br>- Nodes can now be grouped together <br>- Solo nodes and groups <br>- New Convolution Module <br>- Sampler node is now in stereo &amp; has higher quality interpolation <br>- Bands can now edit individual bins while frozen <br>- Delay 2 node is tempo syncable <br>- LFO is triggerable, syncable &amp; now has 4 shapes

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Device: 2.3 and up Content: Jasuto modular synthesizer hack tricks Rating: 4.31
Latest update: 2020-07-05 Downloads: 5000-5190 Type: reviews, guides, tips
Size: no data Title: Jasuto modular synthesizer cheats from players Device: Android
Author: Chris Wolfe File Name: com.jasuto.droid Category: Music & Audio
Added Version: 1.6.0 Content Rating: Everyone Game type: Apk


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